Thirdparty Android Appstore Records Eu Antitrust Problem|techcrunch

Appy Pie Launches Mobile App Promotion Plans for Android Apps – Yahoo Finance

Yesterday it filed a complain with European Union regulators. It claims that Google creates obstacles for users to install third-party app stores, links essential services with Google Play (thus blocking, again, these third-party app stores), and blocks access to Aptoide websites in its Chrome Web browser. Paulo Trezentos, Aptoides co-founder and CEO, says they are struggling to grow, even to survive because he claims Google is systematically creating obstacles for users to install third-party app stores. Get this: Aptoide says it conducted a small focus group of users which found, it took 10 steps to install the Aptoide app store on Android version 2.1 and 80% of the users could do it. Version 2.3 required 13 steps and 45% managed it. Version 4.0 required 14 steps and only 20% completed the installation. So if this is true it looks like Google is intentionally screwing over 3rd party app stores, contrary to its so-called open ecosystem policies. Any new installation requires unknown sources approvals.
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Best Android Apps for Kids

math This app is perfect for each stage of your childs development. Sight Words Games & Flash card – $1.99 All ages Sight words are words that do not have a simple one-to-one correspondence between sounds and written letters, and therefore have to be learned by sight.Sight Words offers children an easy-to-use interface and a choice of six fun games through which children can master these tricky sight words. Super Why ABC $3.99 Ages 3-6 Is your child readyto go around the world on a learning adventure with Super Why? Your child can do just that while playing a comprehensive collection of five interactive literacy games that help build strategies and skills to master the alphabet. This app is especially great for preschool and kindergarten prep and practice. Dora ABCs Vol 1: Letters $3.99 All ages In this app, which is the first of a series from Nickelodeon, your child will learn the Alphabetic Principle: to recognize letters, write letters and associate letters with sounds. Dora and Boots teachsounds that letters make so kids can associate those sounds with the appropriate letters.
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Best SMS apps for Android – AndroidPIT

chat sms messaging All the plans cover both off page and on page activities. On page activities include app title optimization, app description optimization, app keyword data optimization, app speed consultation. While on the other hand, off page activities will help in driving in ratings, reviews and google+ for the apps including important social mentions via reputed PR networks. “We have been receiving constant requests from our clients that their apps aren’t appearing on top when searched in play store. However, for an app to appear on top, it needs to be popular and these app promotion plans will definitely make these apps popular.” said Abhinav Girdhar, CEO at Appy Pie. Appy Pie has successfully created a platform to build apps where a user with the slightest bit of coding knowledge can build beautiful and interactive apps on his own. All he needs to do is input the required information like company logo, description etc. and the rest will be managed by their developers.
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Dubbed Simplocker, the malicious software holds an Android smartphone or tablet hostage by encrypting all of the devices photo, videos and documents . If the owner wishes to decrypt his or her data, a ransom is demanded. But now, thanks to Avast, there is a free way to fight Simplocker and regain control of your data without having to pay hackers a dime. Avast on Tuesday announced the availability of its new Avast Ransomware Removal app for Android. As the name suggests, the tool can be used to remove ransomware from an infected Android device. Simplocker blocks access to files stored on mobile devices. Without our free ransomware-removal tool, infected users have to pay $21 to regain access to their personal files, said Avast COO Ondrej Vlcek.
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Samsung’s Android homescreen app charts new terrain – Yahoo Finance

Terrain is the debutapp out from Samsungs Palo Alto-based Accelerator team. At first look, it seems significantlydifferent from the stock Android launcher, eschewing the traditional grid of icons for a Google Now-inspired card-based interface. However, unlike Google Now, the cards appear to be dumb widgets, lacking the kind of contextual sixth-sense that distinguishes Googles product. There are card-based shortcuts for the phones most used functions, such as weather information, favorite contacts, and social media feeds. Eventually, Terrain will have a web-standard based SDK, so third-party developers can build their own custom cards. Swiping from right to left brings up an alphabetically arranged list of apps, replacing the grid Android uses bydefault.
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Android Malware Scanner: Avast app kills ransomware for free | BGR

Here’s the five best alternative SMS apps for Androidand a special bonus at the end. Believe it or not, some people still use smartphones for texting!/ AndroidPIT HoverChat I love HoverChat . It brings the cool pop-up bubble functionality of Facebook ‘s chat heads or Link Bubble to your SMS app. So no matter which screen or app you’re currently in, any new SMS will pop up in front of what you’re doing so you’ll never miss a notification bar message again (although HoverChat previews in the notification bar too). If you’re not yet ready to deal with the message, you can dismiss it or drag it out of the way, and you can reply directly from the notification bubble. How’s that for multitasking? HoverChat lets you continue on with whatever you were doing.
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